Born 1975 in Viksjö, Stockholm.
Aviva Scheiman is a professional goldsmith and metalsculptor from Stockholm with a degree and silvermedal from Copenhagen Technical School.
Since 2004, she has run her own studio and workshop on Tegnergatan in Stockholm. Initially, the business consisted mostly of special orders and jewelry collections that have developed and changed over the years depending on different influences/trends in society. Often, influenced by personal and cultural elements, shaped in a simple, stylish and form-fitting style. 
In 2013, she became a member of the goldsmiths' association in Stockholm and has, among other things, participated in exhibitions such as “Liljevalchs Vårsalong”, “Raoul Wallenberg 100 år” and “Sverige Sverige fosterland”. Aviva is represented at Malmö Art Museum, the Jewish Museum and The “Tre Kronor” Castle.
In 2019, Aviva participated in the exhibition Crafting Memories in Gothenburg with work based on their own genealogy, where the discovery of several interesting crafting traditions were in the family. The exploration and desire to tell more evoked a strong desire to work more artistically. In recent times, exhibitions have become a larger part of Aviva’s work.
Her work constantly flows between different artistic spaces, such as installations, corpus, arts and crafts, jewellery and traditional goldsmith work. The installations are poetic with a theme, track, foundation, and shards of recollection and memory that leaves the viewer thinking further about their own history. The jewellery works on a wall, but you can still wear it as jewellery. The corpus works are usually based on a traditional function with a modern design that contributes to a sophisticated renewal.
Aviva’s drive, when it comes to her profession, is strongly attached to her roots, to get to know the craft traditions within the family and the Swedish cultural heritage. To recreate thoughts and choices but also to put their destinies in a new light. In sculptures and objects with inspiration/information from solid archival research, Aviva interprets the ancestors' stories and traditions with a focus on what we can learn from the family members and what we should take with us into our present.
The exhibition Femmes Soles shows installations, objects and jewellery all made of precious metals. Behind the exhibition Femmes Soles is a research/deep dive into women's craft history, a subject Aviva is passionate about. Who were the women who built the Swedish art scene for us women today? Another important part of Aviva's art is the social interaction with other artisans, what can we do together and how should our future be shaped into the best.
Aviva is the first to receive the “Märta Måås Fjetterström” scholarship, which she received in 2020 with the exhibition about her Berta, Märta Måås-Fjetterström and the women of that time. Together with the female collective 21Gram, they wanted Femmes Soles to put the Craft skill and the women in the light. The exhibition is the first of a series of upcoming exhibitions whose content is based on female crafts and social cohesion.